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Lithium Distinctly Modulates the Secretion of Pro- and Anti- Inflammatory Interleukins in Co-Cultures of Neurons and Glial Cells at Therapeutic and Sub-Therapeutic Concentrations

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 8 ]


Vanessa J. De-Paula, Daniel S. Kerr, Gustavo Scola, Wagner F. Gattaz and Orestes V. Forlenza   Pages 848 - 852 ( 5 )


Lithium is associated with various effects on immune functions, some of which are still poorly understood. The roles of many cytokines have been characterized in a variety of neurodevelopmental processes including neurogenesis, neuronal and glial cell migration, proliferation, differentiation, synaptic maturation and synaptic pruning. This work aims to evaluate the effects of different doses of lithium (0.02; 0.2 and 2mM) on the secretion of cytokines in co-cultures of cortical and hippocampal neurons with glial cells. Our results indicate that chronic treatment with lithium chloride at subtherapeutic concentrations are able to modify the secretion of pro- and anti-inflammatory interleukins in co-cultures of cortical and hippocampal neurons with glial cells.


Co-culture, cortical neurons, hippocampal neurons, lithium, neuroprotection pro- and anti-inflammatory interleukins.


Department and Institute of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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